Co-Working Space

Coworking space in India is no more limited to a group of freelancers gathering somewhere to work, it is a fully developed industry with occupants from organizations of all types and sizes. From startups to multinational organizations, everyone is moving towards a culture based on remote work from coworking spaces.

  • Open Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Private Office

Open Desk

  • Flexibility: Open desk provides flexibility to members, who can choose when and where they work. They can work from any available desk or switch desks throughout the day.
  • Collaboration: Open desk encourages collaboration and networking among members. Members can meet new people and exchange ideas, which can lead to potential partnerships or business opportunities.
  • Variety: Open desk provides a variety of workspaces for members, such as standing desks, sit-stand desks, or quiet zones. Members can choose a workspace that suits their working style and preferences.
  • Productivity: Open desks can increase productivity as members can choose a workspace that suits their mood or task.
  • Accessibility: Open desk provides accessibility to members who may not have access to a traditional office space. Members can work from a coworking space located in a convenient location or closer to their homes.
  • Cost-effective: An open desk is a cost-effective option for freelancers, startups, or small businesses who don't need a permanent desk or office space. Members can pay only for the time they need and use the space efficiently.
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Dedicated Desk by The Dice

  • Consistency: Having a dedicated desk means that members have a consistent and reliable workspace that is always available to them, eliminating the need to search for a free desk each day.
  • Customization: Members can personalize their dedicated desk with their own equipment, such as monitors, keyboards, and chairs, creating a comfortable and familiar workspace that is tailored to their needs.
  • Productivity: Dedicated desks provide a focused and distraction-free environment for members to work in, which can help to increase productivity and concentration.
  • Professionalism: Dedicated desks create a professional image for businesses, as they can receive mail and meet with clients at their dedicated desks, rather than in a shared space.
  • Cost-effective: Dedicated desks are typically more affordable than renting a traditional office space, which can be especially helpful for freelancers and small businesses.
  • Flexibility: Dedicated desks offer the flexibility to work from the same location without the long-term commitment and overhead costs of traditional office space.
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Private Cabins by The Dice

  • Privacy and Security: Private offices offer a level of privacy and security that is not possible in an open coworking space. This is especially relevant for businesses that deal with sensitive information or require confidentiality.
  • Concentration and Productivity: Private offices allow members to work in a quiet and focused environment without distractions, which can lead to increased productivity and better work output.
  • Customization and Branding: Private offices can be customized to reflect a company's branding and culture, creating a professional and cohesive image for clients and visitors.
  • Flexibility and Growth: Private offices in a coworking space offer businesses the flexibility to scale up or down as their needs change, without the burden of a long-term lease or high overhead costs.
  • Networking Opportunities: While private offices provide members with privacy, they still offer opportunities to network and collaborate with other members in the coworking space through events, shared spaces, and communal areas.
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